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Drive-thru Rapid Covid-19
Antigen & PCR Testing.

The rapid antigen test is a nasal swab test to see if a person has a current Covid-19 infection. This type of test may be particularly useful if a person has exposure to someone who is suspected to be Covid-19 positive. The test being offered is the BD Veritor Plus System for rapid detection of Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2). Results from the rapid antigen test will be available same day. Individuals who are symptomatic or who have been identified as a close contact of a positive case will also receive a confirmatory PCR test. The PCR is a more sensitive COVID test that is sent to a lab for processing with results typically taking 3-5 days. These tests are by appointment only. Testing times are available Thursdays only, with available times posted on the booking page. Individuals should remain in their vehicle and a healthcare professional in personal protective equipment will come to your vehicle to collect the sample. Patient will be called with their results within 4 hours of their testing time. It is important that individuals who are symptomatic or who are close contacts of a positive case continue to quarantine until you receive both test results. If either test result is positive, you will receive a call from public health with further instructions. Please note -If you have previously been told to quarantine for 14 days because you are a close contact, you will need to continue that entire quarantine period, even if your test results are negative.


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